24 Apr 2021

29 Mar 2021

In darkness we stand

In darkness we stand... and we shall know no fear. I'm so proud of this illustration, @yiossi21 trusted on me once again for one of my most ambitious illustrations ever. Since I was a kid, the black and white artwork of Warhammer always impressed and inspired me. It brings me to my childhood, were I could not stop looking at the Codex books, always wanting to see a new artwork and draw them on my school books while not paying attention at class (I prefered to travel to fantasy and scifi worlds). And here it is, my tribute to my 10 year old me, where all was darkness and the only place to fight it was through my art.

19 Feb 2021

I look handsome on these ones

These two artworks were a present for me that made me super happy!! Left one is made by @vanilla_astartes and the second by @sugar_free_artwork, both great artists and friends of mine!! Check their works you will love them!! 😄

14 Jan 2021

A special illustration

Mega illustration for @yiossi21! 😁 "Birth of the Brotherhood", an epic moment of the story of the Black Lion and his Honor Guard, fighting the wrath of Khorne on a medieval planet 🩸⚔️💀 Thanks for trusting on my artwork for such a big piece George 💪😁 (I'm on the illustration doing a cameo, the one with the two-handed axe 😆)

Also I want to mention that I have got featured on the stories of the DeviantArt's instagram, such a great surprise today! 😁 This was the illustration I did for @rafaelppunto, for an unofficial Codex cover of the Mantis Warriors 😁

22 Dec 2020

My Artbook 2020 +Free PDF Edition+

Hello everyone!! 😄 I hope you are doing well on these mad times!!  I released my first artbook, which contains almost all the artwork I did this 2020, and its free! You can download it here 😁💪 Thank you again to all that contacted me and trusted on my artwork!! I also did a review of the artbook, it was so funny to do!