At the beginning of 2020, I started doing commissions for particular and amazing people almost daily. I do principally character illustrations and scenic illustrations, both Fantasy and Sci-Fi which are the two themes that I have a deep passion for (You can see all of it on the Gallery on the left!).

On the middle of 2020 I started working with marvelous projects as Cold Open Stories and Limbo Miniatures (I proudly can say I continue with them).  I love, love to create worlds, to imagine stories and bring them to reallity, and since many years ago, I work on a couple of personal projects. I consider myself a creative artist, doing my best everyday to become what I am building slowly and with firm steps.

If you are interested on working together, please don't hesitate on contacting me, I would love to hear your ideas and projects! I am a Freelance Artist living in Barcelona (Spain) and I'm speciallized on Fantasy and Scifi Illustration, Concept Art and Handmade Sculpture.